Sunday, February 20, 2011

God Answers Prayer for My Girl

Two years in a row my daughter Kayla has seen two of her very best friends move away from San Antonio. This has been a heart break for her and for me. I've watched her pull away, spend afternoons alone, wonder out loud if being close to people is a good idea because it hurts so much when they leave, and dream of spending time with her special friends again. She and I have had many conversations about how much better it is to have special people in our lives, and love them whether they are going to move away or not. It's been hard but it's a part of life.

Over the last few months I've tried to coach her through her loss and encouraged her to reach out. She has started inviting friends over again and says that she is feeling better. She understands that her special friends while living far away, can still have a special place in her heart. And it's not like they don't talk, they Skype and text and email all the time. But we all know that having someone to spend an afternoon with in person is hard to replace by electronics.

For Christmas we bought Kayla an airplane ticket to fly to see her favorite friend Libby who moved to St. Louis. Now, you might be thinking that Kayla is awfully young to travel by herself half way across the country. And to be honest I was really surprised when my 12 and a half year old, who is generally quiet and reserved begged us for an airplane ticket. That was all she wanted. And on Christmas morning when she opened her gift and tears of joy poured down her cheeks Grant and I knew that God had this covered. We were thrilled for her.

When it came time to hop on the plane this past Thursday she was so excited she could hardly sit still. She and Libby had talked, texted, emailed and Skyped for weeks only building the anticipation of their visit. Kayla grinned from ear to ear until it was time to line up for her seat assignment. Thankfully Southwest gives us Moms a pass to go through security so I was standing there with her when she started to break down. She kept saying, "Mom I'm so excited but I'm scared." In the midst of my trying to calm her, I hugged her and prayed over her quickly. Just as I am thinking that I'm going to start crying this lovely woman who is standing behind us steps forward, leans into Kayla and says, "Would you like a stand in Mom?" To which Kayla promptly bursts into tears. I introduce myself to this blonde, petite and very well dressed woman and she smiles kindly, probably sensing my impending melt down. Susan assures me that she has a daughter Kayla's age who attends the Christian School in Kansas City and then starts talking to Kayla as if they were long lost friends. Can you spell Relief??

The best part about this story is that Kayla and I on our way to the airport prayed that God would lift up someone kind and caring for her to sit next to on the airplane. When Susan stepped forward it was a clear sign that God heard our request. But it gets even better. It turns out that our Susan is Susan Crook, an award winning author and speaker. Her website is: She took Kayla under her wing, gave Kayla her phone number and when Kayla became airsick on the plane, she rubbed her back, told her she handled it well and even threw away the vomit filled bag. What an angel!

For Kayla who called me once she landed this was God's way of showing up. She said, "Mom as soon as Susan stepped up I started crying because I knew God had heard my prayer. He remembered me."

Ahhh, such music to my ears. He did remember her, covered her and provided for her in a very obvious way. We are thankful and so blessed by our new friend Susan who it turns out had prayed that very morning for the person that God would have her sit by. I'm thankful that it got to be Kayla.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February...A Good Month for Socks

Ahh, sweet February. I love this month. Not only because it’s short and has a lover’s holiday right in the middle but also because it signals to me the very essence of winter. Images of snow covered plains, frozen ponds and freezing temperatures float through my brain as I imagine what it would be like if I didn’t live in South Texas where it’s sixty degrees in the middle of February. Before we moved to Texas we spent a few years in Salt Lake City where the snow fell with force and I routinely had to dig my car out.

In South Texas flip flops can be worn year round but when the temperatures fall, watch out, the winter girl in me takes over and I wear socks. I decided a few years ago that if it wasn’t going to snow, or even freeze once in awhile I was going to treat myself to some fancy socks to remind me of what winter is usually like. What I found was a great way to give a gift to myself and I didn’t even realize it.

I have my own personal sock store. I know the complete inventory and rely on my own stocking system to figure out which socks will warm my feet every day. In fact my sock drawer is overflowing…with socks of all different colors, textures and fabrics.

I can’t help it, I’m a winter girl and even though you might be shaking you head wondering if I’m a little bit crazy, I know that my enthusiasm for socks is one of the little ways I can treat myself on a cold winters day. A little pick me up, if you will. Socks do for me in the dead of winter what sunscreen and a swimming pool do in the summer. They make me smile and make me feel like I’ve done something nice for myself. Definitely important ingredients for a quick little pick me up.

Sock wearing might seem simple but I’m curious…do you know what gives you that little extra hit of excitement or motivation when the whether outside has gotten you down? Or maybe when it’s been a long day at work and you are utterly exhausted? What do you do for yourself when you need a little zest? If it feels like you are running on empty and tired of the gray skies and frigid temperatures, it might be time to find a way to invest a little zest into your day. Consider asking yourself the following:

How can I pamper myself today?

What sounds like fun?

If I had five extra minutes what would I do?

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