Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hairspray and humidity don't mix!

I'm going to confess something right now that I've never admitted to anyone, although if you know me at all you've already picked up on this idiosyncracy...I love hairspray. Not the cheap $2.00 kind you get at the drug store but the really fancy expensive stuff. My favorite is from the Aveda Store, the Witch Hazel Light Hold. It is supposed to, "add light hold, reduce static and eliminate flyways for all hair types." Wow, how can you go wrong with an endorsement like that? So I buy it. It's not cheap but after trying all the other bargain brands, when I'm feeling like I can't justify $18 a bottle, I always come around again.

I've discovered that living in South Texas does not mix with my hairspray addiction. Yes, it is an addiction and someone needs to come up with a 12 step class to over come, but I digress here. Being from the North, Washington State to be exact, hairspray is really a must. Because the air is dry and the weather cool using hairspray allows for just the right amount of control, static reduction and really controls the flyaways. One would think that the same product would work all over the country, not so.

One of the terribly humid mornings that are common in San Antonio I was fixing my hair. I blew it straight, flat ironed it and then scrunched and tugged as I applied a light covering of spray. Very satisfied with the result, "Somebody take my picture, cuz I'm looking good," crossed my brain as I headed out to run some errands. A little heat and humidity wasn't going to stop me. I ran back to the bathroom for another quick spritz and off I went.

I floated from errand to errand, enjoying the time to window shop and crossed things off my to do list at the same time. I stepped into the dressing room at one store and happened to glance at myself in the mirror as I slipped on some shorts. Gasp! What had happened?? Gone was the perfectly coiffed hair that I had so carefully spritzed and flat ironed only a few hours before. In it's place was a perfectly shaped blonde helmet that moved in uniform when I began to tug on the pieces in a vain attempt to re-do my do. Every strand of hair was cemented together by the "light hold" spray mixed with the moist, humid air. The humidity had completely glued my blonde locks together and now they resembled an 80's wig that my mom used to wear. Nice!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is it about 7lbs?

An old friend of mine asked me what it was about 7lbs that changed my's going to be tough to tell you without ruining the movie if you haven't seen it. So, be warned, don't read any further if you really want to go and see the movie.

One of the reasons I love the simplicity of the beach is because it is so pure, not complicated and makes me feel closer to God. It's a place that I can sit, being very still and I swear I can hear God whispering to me over the sand dunes, touching my heart in ways that I will never really understand until I stand before Him in heaven. I love life and being a part of something that is much bigger than me. I love the way God shows me how to move forward when I don't feel like it and how to give of myself when I don't want to. I love being challenged when my best laid plans come undone, because often I discover that my best laid plans are not what is best, there is always something better.

I don't think I ever understood how precious life was until I almost lost Grant a few years ago, and I hope and pray that I will never have to experience loss and grief like that ever again. If you have ever lost someone you know that kind of pain. You know that somewhere deep inside you there is something that will never be the same no matter how much time goes by. You know that life is precious and you wish that you had appreciated what you had been given all along.

Even though Grant is still alive I can relate to the deep pain of Will Smith's character in the movie. He has lost the love of his life and is directly responsible for the deaths of six other people. He believes that everything he worked for is gone forever and goes about trying to repay seven people by giving them a part of himself. Now, I ask you, when you lost that person you loved, or watched someone you care for struggle through a very difficult time, wouldn't you have done anything to take away their pain? Wouldn't you have traded places with them in an instant if it could show them how special they were to you, how much they were loved and how much they mattered? But what if you couldn't, what if it was too late? What would you do then?

Will's character takes on the mission to give gifts to seven people, perhaps to absolve himself of the guilt he feels over the accident that killed his wife, but also because I believe he saw that even in spite of his challenges, even in spite of his best laid plans, he still had something to offer. Something more that would change the lives of those seven people forever, isn't that what you would want to do if it meant that for even the briefest moment a person felt loved?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

7 pounds

Life is can be gone in an will you show someone you love them today?

Go see the movie 7 will change your life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Be Who You Already Are

Happy New Year. I can't believe it's 2009 already. I've been thinking about the coming year and one main thought stands out in my mind. I'm turning 39 this year. Yes, I know...who cares right? Well, I care because this is my last year to be in my 30's and I think I want to make the most of it. I'm not a New Year Resolution kind of girl but since this is my last year to be in my 30's I think I will try and embrace the concept of resolutions but instead of calling my efforts resolutions, I will call them motivations. That's much more positive.

Motivation #1: Eat better. I know this isn't an original idea but it is important to me, especially since I gained a few pounds over Christmas. I've heard all my friends say that once you hit 40 your waistline just isn't the same. So, I will eat better and be motivated by the photo of bikini girl from American Idol that I have just placed on my refrigerator.

Motivation#2: Sleep more. Again, not an original idea but I do feel so much better when I've gotten at least 8 hours. In order for me to sleep more I think I've got to quickly move to motivation #3. See below...

Motivation#3: Exercise more. Gross I know but it really does make my sleep that much more restful and I even have better dreams. Just do it will be my motto and the Nike Swoosh just joined bikini girl on my fridge.

Motivation#4: Read more. I love to read and used to save it for vacations only. A few years ago I realized that I could turn the tv off and turn my brain on if I would read every night, even if it's just for 15 minutes. I've read more books in the last few years than I have in my whole life. I'm going to make it through the stack on my bedside table and enjoy every minute!

Motivation#5: Snuggle more. My kids love to snuggle before bedtime and I need to really make this more of a priority. How much longer will my 11 year old want me to flop on the bed with him and let me tickle his back or hold his hand? Definitely a motivation and one that I'm determined to not over look.

Motivation#6: Stop talking in an ugly voice to the driver's in other cars when it seems like they are crawling at a snails pace when I'm in a hurry. This one is really self explanatory, see #7.

Motivation#7: Don't be in such a hurry!

Motivation#8: Smile more! I've noticed there are two lines growing between my eyebrows and guess what they are from?? Yup, frowning. My brow is becoming furrowed and I think if I smile more that will slow the progression. And just in case you were wondering, my brow is not furry, it's furrowed! There is a difference.

Motivation#9: Practice loving myself more. Start with remembering who God is to me, how He has worked in my life and then hold on tight to that little glimmer of light that represents the “me” I was before society, before my family and yes, before I told myself to be someone different.

Motivation#10: Be Who I Already Am, and keep moving forward on that!

What will your motivations be? How will you stick to them? And, how will you know when you accomplished the goals you set? Write me and tell me your ideas and thoughts...perhaps we can motivate each other!
Blessings on a new year!