Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barbies, Barbies Everywhere!

Kayla is the Barbie Queen. We just spent the last two hours sorting her barbies, accessories and all the Barbie cars(4). She declared herself too old for Barbies now, and maybe someday her daughters will want to play with her stuff. I too had a similar mindset back when I was the Barbie Queen, and when I presented her with said Barbie stuff circa 1970's she promptly turned her nose up. I tried hard not to be offended but my Barbie stuff was cool! I couldn't see why she didn't want to mix my authentic, antique stuff with her very hip, very modern Barbie Ballerina, Barbie MyScene and Barbie Hannah Montana.

My favorite Barbie was Cindy. She was based on the Cindy character from the Brady Bunch. I had all of her stuff right down to the cardboard decorated walls that you could set up and make a four square house. She rocked! I was really excited to share her with Kayla. The only problem was, when we pulled her out of the box awhile ago her hair had grown sticky and a lot had fallen out. No one told me back when I was lovingly boxing my Barbies up for my future children that the hair would be the first thing to go. Her eyes had grown pale and her skin had yellowed. But still, I thought she was beautiful and remembered the long weekends I spent in the basement of my house with Barbie town set up all over the place. My girlfriend Jayme and I would cart grocery sacks of our stuff between our houses. Those were the days when we could actually walk down a public street and not worry about getting hit or kidnapped. Ahhh, I miss those days.

Anyway, as Kayla and I were sorting her stuff she decided that maybe she didn't want to get rid of all of the Barbies afterall. Maybe we could just put them in boxes and stash them up on her shelf? So, that's what we did and she can get them down if she wants to. She made comments about some of her favorites, that was fun. I had forgotten that there was a Belle Barbie from Beauty and the Beast and a Barbie Jasmine from Aladdin.

We created a Barbie tote just for the Barbies. If I had Barbie's body I don't think I would want to be boxed up and stored just to lose my hair... And would someone please tell me why none of them had clothes on? So we have a tote filled with naked Barbies and in about ten years we will have a tote filled with naked, sticky, hairless Barbies. YIKES! Maybe when she's ready to move them from her shelf to the goodwill pile we can talk about it. Or maybe not. Why ruin a good thing?

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