Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hairspray and humidity don't mix!

I'm going to confess something right now that I've never admitted to anyone, although if you know me at all you've already picked up on this idiosyncracy...I love hairspray. Not the cheap $2.00 kind you get at the drug store but the really fancy expensive stuff. My favorite is from the Aveda Store, the Witch Hazel Light Hold. It is supposed to, "add light hold, reduce static and eliminate flyways for all hair types." Wow, how can you go wrong with an endorsement like that? So I buy it. It's not cheap but after trying all the other bargain brands, when I'm feeling like I can't justify $18 a bottle, I always come around again.

I've discovered that living in South Texas does not mix with my hairspray addiction. Yes, it is an addiction and someone needs to come up with a 12 step class to over come, but I digress here. Being from the North, Washington State to be exact, hairspray is really a must. Because the air is dry and the weather cool using hairspray allows for just the right amount of control, static reduction and really controls the flyaways. One would think that the same product would work all over the country, not so.

One of the terribly humid mornings that are common in San Antonio I was fixing my hair. I blew it straight, flat ironed it and then scrunched and tugged as I applied a light covering of spray. Very satisfied with the result, "Somebody take my picture, cuz I'm looking good," crossed my brain as I headed out to run some errands. A little heat and humidity wasn't going to stop me. I ran back to the bathroom for another quick spritz and off I went.

I floated from errand to errand, enjoying the time to window shop and crossed things off my to do list at the same time. I stepped into the dressing room at one store and happened to glance at myself in the mirror as I slipped on some shorts. Gasp! What had happened?? Gone was the perfectly coiffed hair that I had so carefully spritzed and flat ironed only a few hours before. In it's place was a perfectly shaped blonde helmet that moved in uniform when I began to tug on the pieces in a vain attempt to re-do my do. Every strand of hair was cemented together by the "light hold" spray mixed with the moist, humid air. The humidity had completely glued my blonde locks together and now they resembled an 80's wig that my mom used to wear. Nice!

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webservant said...

Ally, funny post and I can relate! My young hair stylist looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked about hair spray, now she is training me on the nuances of BedHead and the like :)