Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Letter From God

On the last night of Glorieta Christian Writing Conference, I was praying and having some very intimate time with the Lord. The following are the words He laid on my heart that night and I came across them in my journal today. I think they are meant to share, I pray your heart will be touched.

My precious child,

I am here. You are not alone. I have held you in my hands for all of the days of your life. I will move mightily and you will be amazed. Do not fear, do not doubt, trust in me and know that I am God. Be patient, I am working things you will never understand, and I am.

Dear one, turn your heart to me, and remember that I am not against you. I find you in my favor and because of where you are I will be able to move mountains. Do not question me, but allow me to work in my way in my timing.

I saved you from the darkness; I pulled you out of the pit. I have a plan for you. You are mine. Because I love you I am working, though you cannot see it, I am working. Though you doubt I am in this, you must remember that it is because of me that you can do all things. I am your God, you are my child. I AM.

Proclaim me to all, I want you to speak of me, I want you to shout from the rooftops how I have moved mountains for you. I want you to put no other Gods before me, I want you to declare yourself mine, let there be no prideful arrogance in you. Confess your frustrations and worries to me; lay them at my feet and trust me to carry them for you.

I bless you with many gifts and talents; I have a purpose and a plan for this new life I have given you. You may not understand it now, and I know you are very capable, but it is because of me you are capable. Dear child of mine, do you think you are alone? Do you believe I have forsaken you, search your heart and you will find me in ways you have never thought possible. Search your heart, and know what I am doing. Search your heart my child, know that I am creating a new life in you; a life worth living.


Creating_Job_Security said...

Ally, this is so beautiful. Your words always manage to touch my heart so deeply. I heard a song today that made me think of you and your post is so exactly in line with it. The words were something about: Lord, sometimes you calm the storm around us, and sometimes you bring us peace in the middle of the storm. Keep listening to God first and foremost. Continue to make him No. 1 and He will keep your light burning inspite of the wind and rain. I do love you so much!! :) dy

Vern ~ Inspired said...

Holy Goose Bumps Girl that was beautiful!

All I kept thinking about while reading it was...that this is truth and how powerful it must have been to sit and write it down as He was speaking it over you!