Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opening up Space

I read something this morning that pretty much sums up the way I've been feeling. There is no accident in the timing of this little message. Here's what it said,

"The world is utterly draining, and when we are drained, we are vulnerable. When we are drained, we are also vulnerable to spiritual attack, and that is why I need to remind myself to do whatever it is that makes me strong in Christ."

Thank you John Eldredge for these pearls of wisdom that today remind me that being drained is not how I want to be, and not where I want to linger. As a om, wife, friend, sister, coach...I want to be strong in Christ, able to share the gospel and to acknowledge the beauty of the Kingdom of God who calls me to honor and serve Him.

I love being a part of something larger than myself, love being a contributor to the world around me but when I feel like the world is sucking me dry it inhibits me from being me...and that makes me tired. Can you relate?

Right now I'm preparing for my book to release, writing a new book, coaching a new client, and navigating all my motherly, wifely, friendly, sisterly duties. All of these things are tremendous blessings and gifts that I treasure and would never trade or compromise. But I have to admit that sometimes my head is full, Really Full, and if I'm not careful I can easily tip into feeling overwhelmed. What I'm realizing is that in order to be with all of these things effectively, it's imperative for me to make space for those things that fill me up so that I can turn and pour them out to my writing, my clients, my get the idea.

So, I'm asking you today. What is it that's sucking you dry, draining you, making you feel vulnerable and frantic? What is it you feel like you want to let go of? Is it a relationship, a job change, perhaps a habit that is eating you up?
What would be a first step towards opening up some space for yourself? What is one small thing you can do today that will make you feel a little lighter, and a little freer?

Do you have an idea? Tell me what you do to give yourself what I call "Mental Space" and how
God meets you there...

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Diane Markins said...

Maybe I'm a slow learner but it took me years to get this concept. I would run myself right into the ground with over-commitment and stressful activities. "No" felt more like NOOO (a four letter word), so a I rarely uttered it. Every year I got pneumonia and was often hospitalized. God showed me it was dishonoring to Him to take on assignments and burdens He hadn't given me.
Now I filter each new potential commitment through a conversation process with the Lord.
Most of the time my life has enough mental space and I don't get sick any more.
Thanks for post Ally.