Sunday, July 22, 2012


“By virtue of your very existence, you are significant."
On a really good day it’s easy to focus on the things I like about myself. It’s easy to feel like God really knew what He was doing when He created me. Especially when it’s a good hair day, no one has thrown up on me, and my outfit is cute. Those are the kinds of days that I want to say to my clients, “Somebody take my picture cuz I’m looking good.”

But we all know those days can be few and far between, especially given the season of life that motherhood brings. Most of the time it’s easier to focus on the dislikes and the things we are ashamed of; in fact, I’ve been known to have my own private pity party, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that since I’m pretty sure that you can relate.
We sometimes tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, worthy enough, valuable enough, pretty enough, smart enough…need I go on? We wonder secretly to ourselves, “Is this all there is? Isn’t there supposed to be something more to my life?” I titled this article “Be who You Already Are” because deep inside of each one of us, we are all wondering if we really have what it takes…and are hoping to discover some magical answer to the question. But the truth is, you are already equipped with your own set of values, central beliefs, and life purpose. It’s just a matter of letting God reveal the truth and trusting Him with the results.
A few years ago I made this note to myself; it’s a good reminder for me when I feel like the world is closing in…
Be who you already are.
Stop striving, perfecting, adjusting, adapting, collapsing, hiding, fearing,
worrying, wondering, and compromising…and just be who you already are.

You may be already thinking, But who am I? I have no idea. Or, How in the world am I supposed to be who I already am when the whole world tells me I’m not good enough? Start with remembering who God is to you, how He has worked in your life, and then hold on tight to that little glimmer of light that represents the “you” you were before society, your family, and yes…before you told yourself to be someone different.
Early in my marriage I used to wonder how long it would take Grant to change his mind and leave me for someone else. I pretended to be more than I was, trying to fill the shoes that everyone else set before me. I performed and perfected my act and became someone I hardly recognized. I lost myself, not unlike many other women who have struggled with their own identity and the shame they carry from past abuse or other traumas. I lived like that for twelve years, wondering what my purpose was and questioned my reason for existing.
But all that time of questioning and wondering I felt a deep prodding in my heart. I knew the Bible, and I believed that God loved me and had a plan and purpose for my life. But I didn’t understand how I could get past my shame and really be who it seemed like He wanted me to be. I did Bible studies and led small groups and knew in my heart over the course of time that the more I sought God, the more I understood who He meant for me to be.
He was calling me out of the shadows, whispering to me almost every day how much He loved me and how He could use my sadness for His good, to encourage and support others. He helped me see the truth through all the study and counseling that I did. I was significant to Him, and He had bestowed upon me my own set of unique talents and strengths, my own set of values that no one could ever take away from me.
Regardless of our situation, each one of us has a unique design that God has given to us. You know there is no one else like you on the face of the earth. You are unique in God’s eyes. No matter what anyone else has ever said or done to you, nothing can change the core of who you were created to be. Circumstance can try…and traumatic events may seem to prevail…but beneath all of that outside stuff, you are still you: the person that God created in your mother’s womb, whom He still loves and cherishes and gave His life for.

By virtue of your very existence, you are significant.
Now, think about your daily life. All the different hats you wear, the people you come in contact with. Your family, your friends, your clients, your Facebook friends…this is your sphere of influence. And somehow every time you interact with them, you are influencing them. Therefore, you are a person of influence.
Remember how your life is built on values, the building blocks of your life, and that, by virtue of your own existence, you are significant? Apply all those ideas to your circle of influence and realize that God has placed you right where you are for His specific purpose. The people that are in your life have been put there for a reason. How do you want to influence them?
As God’s creation, you are pleasing to Him, and He takes great delight in you. Like any father, He desires to prosper you, to see you grow, and to light the way for you. He made you because He wanted a relationship with you, giving you your own characteristics and personality; there is no one else like you.
What better way to honor God—than to cast aside the voices that say we have to strive to be someone we are not. Instead, answer the call that has been placed on your heart and dive into this realm of exploration and discovery. Stretch yourself as new truths are revealed and get excited about the amazing transformation that comes as you shed false living and move into a brand new authentic way of life, being who you already are.

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