Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebration: Part Two!

While I was working out I had a vision...sounds profound doesn't it. It really wasn't but I will say it was one of those AHA moments that God so often brings to me while I'm chugging away on the stair climber.

My earlier post asked the question "How do I stay true to my authentic, celebratory self?" Well I think I have the answer. Before I unpack what came to me let me say this...I believe every person has the ability to be true to themselves regardless of their personality type or level of self awareness. I think we will all agree that at some point we have been on the receiving end of some sort of unjustified verbal attack that has left us reeling. Wondering what we might have done to deserve it. Some people are not aware of how they come across and sometimes it's appropriate to let them know and sometimes it's better to give grace and move on.

So back to the it is: When you allow others to be true to themselves, you are also giving yourself permission to do the same. Let's look at that for a minute...
I had a situation this morning that made me want to tell a person that what they had said was hurtful to me. But I didn't...they wouldn't have understood where I was coming from and it would have been a lesson in frustration for me. It took all of my efforts to not blast them in the same way I had been blasted. Yes, I'm human and sometimes prone to temper tantrums, but I digress.
My point is this, When I choose to look past the issue at hand and instead, look at the persons heart, I can often let go of my ugly feelings and see what God sees. I can forgive them, allowing them to be who they are, whether they allow me the same is not the point.

It's not always easy and I admit doesn't always happen right away but when I take responsibilty for myself and what is mine, then I can see what doesn't belong to me... after that I can be free to really be me.

So today I'm going to be free to cheer lead, to champion and enjoy! I'm not going to worry about being anything else than I already am. And I'm going to celebrate along the way!
Enjoy your day!


Amy said...

Good for you!!! get to work, I'm ready for chapter 4!!! j/k
Have a great day! Loveya, Amy

Vern ~ Inspired said...

Dear Friend

I celebrate you today!
I am proud of you, your writing and your blog!
Your passion and vision keep getting clearer and stronger.

Be Inspired,