Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finding my brain again.

The last few weeks have been a blur of activity. Last day of school, fifth grade graduation, preparing for company, then having company, then recovering from having company to now getting ready to leave for six weeks. Somewhere in there I think I lost my capacity to think clearly much less have any kind of creative thought. All these events were fun and exciting. I felt like we were on our own little staycation while our company was here. In fact I cleared my calendar of anything that resembled responsibility so that I could fully engage my sister in law and her family. It was great, we had a super fun time measured by the fact that once our house was empty again it took two full days of doing absolutely nothing for me to feel like I had caught up on my sleep again. Maybe a little too much fun?? Nahh.

Now almost a week later I'm trying to find my brain again. I can feel the pull in my heart to be productive again, to be creative again and to put words to my thoughts again. At the beginning of the month I deeply craved some time off, and I got that with our company and the fun things we did. Now I realize that it's time to turn my brain on again and get to work. The problem is...I can't find my brain. I'll let you know when it turns up. Meanwhile, I'm going to start packing suitcases for our trip to Washington...stay tuned. It's bound to turn up sooner or later.

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