Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to go Home

It's been six weeks almost to the day since we've been in the great state of Texas. We hopped on a plane on June 29th and have been in Washington and Idaho enjoying a fantastic summer vacation. The time has flown and we are always amazed at how quickly the days rush's over and it feels like it only just started.

Zach has already had tears tonight, and I'm sure there will be more to come tomorrow at the airport. Kayla and I are always the ones that crack when we say goodbye at the security gate and my Mom has to walk away... I hate that! I'm okay with the tears, it's the walking away part that is the hardest because all I want to do is hold on to her. Hmmm, I'm getting choked up now as I type so I think I'll move on now, I would like to put off the emotional breakdown until tomorrow.
It's been a great trip and in the weeks to come I plan to share some of the highlights with you. Until then, stay tuned, and please pray for a smooth trip home, smooth transition into our daily lives again and a that even though we will be far from our family members again, that somehow it will feel as if we have brought them home with us.

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