Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Do It

Today I bought a Nike t-shirt. I've always wanted one. Not sure why I've never bought one until now. It's pink, of course and the slogan sprawls across my chest announcing to the world that I too am a crazed enthusiast of the Just Do It alliance. Did you know it's an alliance? People all over the world embrace the idea that Just Doing It will make you stronger, more agile, more muscular, more peaceful, maybe even smarter.

So I checked out of the Academy Sports, happy with my purchase that bounced along deep in the bowels of my crinkly plastic bag, beside two pairs of snow boots and a pair of dress boots for my son. And yes, I know it doesn't snow in Texas. As I pulled out of the parking lot I imagined shedding my dress up clothes and pulling out my new shiny bubble gum tee. I would join the club, I would Just Do It.

I dumped the bag onto my bed exhilarated to finally be a part of the Just Do It club. I threw my high heels into the closet while ripping my blonde head free of the sweater that caught on my glasses. Woops, again with the glasses?? Tore through the pile of shoes until my fingers caught the smooth edge of the pepto colored garment that I quickly checked for holes or loose threads, and then pulled my arms through the holes, and my head poked through the top.
I ran to the full length mirror to check for immediate change and said to myself, "Dang, somebody take my picture, cuz I'm looking good."
Much to my disappointment no music randomly played, no spotlights magically appeared and certainly no photographer hopped from out behind my rack of sweaters to take my picture. Somehow the get up and go of the Just Do It club, had got up and went.
I do love the tee, it's cute and will make itself right at home with the rest of my tees. And believe me when I tell you that I wore it around proudly all afternoon, while I munched on Halloween candy. So I think I've decided that Just Do It is cool, and a fun marketing ploy but for me I think I'm happy being part of the "I'll Just Do It When I Feel Like It" club. There's much less guilt that way don't you think?
And besides, I'm not so sure I've got what it takes to be a part of that alliance anyway, what if Just Do It for me means "Just eat the candy" or "Just sleep an extra hour". Maybe Just Do It is random and any case. I have this really cute new t-shirt that's telling me right now that Just Do It, means I can go ahead and have that extra little piece of chocolate. Go ahead, Just Do It!

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Carla Burke said...

I have been a "Just do It fan" for years, spending hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on clothing and what not. I never even thought about the logo, I just like how the stuff fits! That is until a couple of years ago when I saw your husband Grant while I was walking Amanda to school.

I'll never forget that it was early 2006, about 1 year after my brother died, I decided to Just do It and start walking Amanda to school, as I hadn't been able to do, do to depression.

I had just bought a hat from the sale rack at Academy in hopes of "hiding" from everyone. Hide your eyes and no one will know your pain was my motto.

Grant was out that morning and saw me and said, "Hey, I like your hat"! I was like "Oh thank you" and didn't think much until I got home and realized it was a Nike hat, and the motto is " Just do It"!

That reminded me that sometimes you just have to "DO IT" no matter how you feel. I didn't feel like walking Amanda to school that day, but I did. And it turned out that someone liked or noticed my orange Nike reject hat that cost $1.98 on the sale rack!

But you know what? It meant a lot to me the day I wore it. I can do it, I can do it! And that has resonated with me ever since!

Thank you Grant for noticing me (and my hat) that day even though I was in the depths of despair. And thank you Allison for being my friend.

Many hugssss))))

I just "DID IT".

So let's all Just Do it!!!!

Love you Allison!