Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Things I Love...

The sound of the ocean crashing on the beach.
Riding on the back of a Harley Davidson smelling the scent of fresh jasmine mixed with the sounds of spring.

Standing at the top of a ski hill charting my course, and then the thrill of adrenaline as it
races through my veins on my way down.
A long slow kiss.
Holding hands.
Playing catch.

Smelling fresh cut grass in the early morning on the back porch of my parents’ house in Yakima.
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, shared with a very good friend
Really powerful Praise and Worship that moves me to tears.
Classical music, chocolate and a really great glass of red wine.

Listening to my children giggle while they tickle each other, begging the other person to stop.

A deep, intelligent conversation that exemplifies two people understanding each other.
The look on someone’s face when they have an “Aha” moment
The smell of suntan lotion mixed with salt water.
Movie trivia.
Drinking my morning coffee on the patio of Playa Grande, watching the sun come up.
A really good book that has a mixture of suspense, heart ache, resolution and not necessarily the ending I would choose.

A great pedicure, the kind that includes at least 30 minutes of foot massaging.
When a friend understands my heart, doesn’t try and change it but accepts me for who I am unconditionally.
Holding a sleeping baby that smells like powder.
Making the front of my body curve with the back of Grant’s while he’s asleep so that I can feel his heart beat.

Kayla's smile.
Building a really cool sand castle.
Cooking an awesome Italian dinner that leaves everyone asking for more.
Talking with my Dad, Mom and my siblings.
When someone believes in me.
Letting someone else go in front of me in line at the grocery store, they are always so surprised.
Feeling the tightness in my chest the signals a really good cardio workout.
Listening to Grant and Zach talk to each other…like two kids.

Making a first impression in fresh fallen snow.

What are some things you love?

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Diane Markins said...

I love planning and taking a trip to explore a new place.
I love when my kids feel like they've succeeded.
I love knowing that my marriage will last until "death do us part."
I love that my friends know they can truly count on me for anything.