Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walking in Faith

I've had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow coach for a profile piece I get to write for the Christian Coaching Magazine. Joe is someone I met while just beginning my training to become a life coach and I've thoroughly enjoyed the time we've spent together. His willingness to allow me to ask all kinds of probing sort of intimate questions will only serve to enrich the profile, I hope. He was a good sport and I'm excited to write the piece.

One of the highlights of interviewing Joe was to see how complete and unwavering his faith is. He shared with me in detail how he left his job and answered the call on his heart to become a full time life coach. By the world's standards what he was doing sounds a bit crazy but to me it is inspiring and reminds me of when Jesus called to Peter to get out of the boat. Joe got out of his boat and has been walking in faith ever since. Without giving to much away I just want to say "Thanks" to Joe for being an example to me, for obeying the call, and for continuing to seek God in everything you do. You are an inspiration!

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