Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm so Thankful!

This is a photo of me and my family taken this past Mother's Day. Kayla is my daughter she is almost 11, Grant is my husband and Zach is my son and he is almost 12.
Kayla is the silly one, she makes me laugh with her goofiness and slapstick sense of humor. She also possesses an innate sense of discernment that I've never seen in a child her age. From the time she was a small child her instincts about other people were usually right on. Somehow God enlightened me to this and I have always tried to encourage her to trust her gut. She's a smart girl and I'm thankful that while young she already understands her instincts, and most of the time sticks by them.
Zach is much more cerebral and enjoys the process of how everything in this world fits together, for him life is a giant puzzle and he loves trying to figure out how the pieces fit. He has a dry wit and already recites lines from Monty Python with a deadpan that would give the "Knights that Say Nee" a run for their money. Zach feels emotion so deeply and has a tremendous degree of empathy. His heart hurts when he sees people do wrong and desires to set things right. His greatest strength is that he already knows how to be a good friend.
And then Grant...he is the love of my life, my soulmate and my best friend. I have loved him for as long as I can remember and every day I'm reminded by the gift our life is. He is quick witted, silly, intensely passionate about certain things and loves to have a good conversation. He also has an empathetic heart and enjoys relating to people, in fact that is probably one of my favorite qualities. He desires to have relationships with others, and will open his heart. I love that!
As we celebrated Mother's day this year I couldn't help but feel reflective about where we have been as a family and how far we have come these last four years. We have climbed mountains called: mental illness, financial crisis, sickness, separation among others and every time we thought we couldn't make it another step God stepped in and carried us. On Mother's Day two years ago I sat in the Larry's Market in Seattle with my two children, wondering where the future would lead, hoping my family would survive our latest challenge, never dreaming that God would not only help us climb the final mountain, he would carry us into an entirely different realm.
And so I look at this photo and I see a family that has beat seemingly impossible odds with God's help. I see a family that has been on the receiving end of God's grace and mercy. I see two parents who love each other and have fought the enemy head on to keep their family intact. I see two kids who are kind and loving, I see happiness on our faces and I feel relief.
Thank you God for restoring and renewing us, each and every day. Thank you for helping us as individuals to grow, change and trust in you.
Thank you God for making me a Mom and thank you for this family that means so much to me.

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webservant said...

What a beautiful post :) I admire your transparency and trust in a God who is way bigger than any of our struggles. Your book will be great! Thank you for sharing.